Application - Futureplay - Game artist

    Hi! I'm Risto Koskenkorva and very interested about Futureplay.
    Erkki is my little brother and he has told only good things about you guys.
    I love making games and would like to do:
    - 3D modeling
    - Rigging
    - Animating
    Since I can do them well. Of course I can do lots of other stuff too!

    Here is my application for your consideration.
    Below are my portfolio, motivational letter, LinkedIn profile and CV.

    3D production portfolio
    3D production portfolio
    motivational letter
    Motivational letter - Game artist
    linkedin profile
    LinkedIn profile
    curriculum vitae
    Curriculum Vitae 2018 (english)

      Use the top navigation only if you want to see my jewelry productions.

      Game related content in the portfolio.

      Please do contact me if any of the links of files don't work.
      I wait for you response.


      Risto Koskenkorva