My inspiration for working with jewelry comes from rugged, natural beauty of my home country, our traditional cultural stories, and the shifting of the seasons we endure here in the far north.

I work primarily with silver, the brighest of the metals. When the sun sets in November, I feel compeled to create my own light. My pieces sparkle, but not with the fire of gems. Rather with a cold, white light in common with the snow piling up outside my window.

The shapes come from our myths, and from my music. The drive comes from my desire to share in the act of creation. What do I mean by that?

When most people look at their jewelry, they can only see an expression of another artists purpose. When fitting a piece to their personal style, they can only be constrained by the piece itself.

This is not a bad thing, morally or artisitically. But Finland is a very egalitarian society. My wish is that this eguality extends to artistic expression. So I strive to create pieces that allow you to finish (pun intended) the conversation. That allow you to become a part of the stylistic and design process, as much or as little as you wish.

Aamu designs are modular. They can be combined in several sometimes tens of different ways. With hundreds of combinations if you add in color.

This freedom is optional. If it is not for you, then each individual piece is completed as a whole, beautiful work.

But my suspicion is that those shying away from such customization may, in fact, be acculturated. Perhaps as you get your second piece, your third piece. One evening you will open up your drawer and realize that tonight, your Heart of Song will work best as a brooch accenting your dress, than as a pendant accenting your neck.

And you will be free as the artist of your own style. A right typically reserved to the select few. You'll be finding more information and videos about possible combinations on my blog. Otherwise you are free to experiment, and produce, and share.