Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you explain what handcrafted jewelry means to you?

A: From raw metal until finished piece I do all the steps.

For me, handcrafted means that you receive an artisanal piece of jewelry. I see my own fashion accessories as an integral part of style, and my work started mainly because I could not find anything that expressed myself 100%.

In my collection accessories collection, I have a large number of handcrafted pieces designed by specific artists, and I find that they give such a strong statement of style that I wear them exclusively. A single original piece takes the place of multiple copies of mass produced designs.

Q: How do you design new pieces?

A: My designs are formed over time through experimentation as I live my music, my volunteer work, and metalworking life in Jyväskylä, Finland. Usually new designs are inspired by the needs and desires of a particular customer, combined with my strong impression of what beautiful jewelry is.

Once I have arrived at a design that feels finished to me, and is a certain level of quality, I start to offer it for sale.

Q: What happens when I order a piece of jewelry?

A: I work in cycles, so generally I will make several pieces in a given month. You can find those in the featured collection on my front page. They have inventory, and if you order one I will ship it.

Otherwise my designs are listed as inventory: 1 because I usually have 1 on hand. If not, then when your order comes in I will handcraft it over the next several days, and then ship it to you. You can check your order status any time by emailing me. If you want photos of the process then please let me know ahead of time, using the "extra information" form on the checkout page. Obviously if you let me know later it might not be possible :)

Q: What is modular jewelry?

A: Part of my motivation to make my own accessories was that I could not abide buying single-function, non-adaptable works. I wanted to fully express myself and my personal style.

I believe that many people share similar inclinations with me, but not everybody can become a metalworker. So I have labored in my designs (sometimes for years) to find unique and beautiful way to self-modify jewelry by changing colors, and sometimes even entire portions of my works.

You can check out my blog for upcoming articles and videos explaining the variety of ways they can be modified by you to fit together in interesting ways. I will also feature jewelry hacking, where I will showcase my own and other customers designs using common mass-produced or antique jewelry to create a unique statement.

Q: How does the tension lock work in the modular pieces for gemstones ? 

A: The tension lock is a particular shape of hardened silver that took me over two years to design and test. It holds a round precious stone of a particular size (large or small). The lock is tight enough so the stone will not fall out, but it is loose enough that you can pull the stone out without deforming the metal. This allows you to alternate the colors of stones you choose. Due to my over-zealous attention to detail, the elegant shapes of the stone-holders and their universal inside and outside finish let you also go stone-less to show off a completely different style.

Q: Will the tension lock stretch and wear out?

A: Generally no. Silver is actually quite an unbendable metal, and my design does not flex in a permanent way when you swap stones. I have heavily tested my designs personally and with beta-wearers and refined them well.

However, every piece of jewelry I make is individual. Every petal of your particular flower styled tension lock (on the Harmony collection, for example) will be handcrafted for your piece. That means I cannot test your particular lock to the extent I can test the overall design.

The way I solve that potential problem is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your tension lock fails from normal use, I repair it or replace it at my cost. My preference is to repair, since I assume that your preference is also to repair. You will own a unique piece of art and want the functionality restored to it's original state, rather than to lose all the character of the jewelry entirely by replacing it. However I will also replace it completely if that is what you prefer.

Shipping costs are on me, both directions. If you have had trouble with your tension lock contact me at