Forest Daughter - Tuulikki



"Forest daughter, lovely virgin,
Golden maiden, fair Tulikki,
Second of the Tapio-daughters."

"Metsän tyttö, mielineiti,
Tuulikki, tytär Tapion!"

The wedding ring that I designed to match customer wishes. This lovely forest daughter from Kalevala is appropriately tied with the free swinging leaves of Harmony - Vesica Piscis Pendant. The green peridot gemstone was chosen especially to match the Forest Daughter - Tuulikki Tiara that was created as a set with the ring.

Gemstone in the pictures is 8mm peridot.
The ring is sterling silver (925). It is hand made and has a forged finish.

This piece is a unique piece and only works as a model for a possible future ordered piece and a guideline for the price range.
Please let me know your ring size in the order info.

Modular design: More small gemstones that fit this product can be found in the Small Gemstones Collection.