The Heart of Song (M)


This set of earrings swing around naturally and can sometimes chime a gentle sound when they are tapped or hit by something. The earrings are available in several different sizes.

The Heart of Song are tuned to C - 442 Hz (or other tones which will affect the length of the piece).
If you wish to have other tuned notes or pitches, please inform me in the order info during checkout. 
The untuned pieces will still ring clearly. Simply select the option in the menu.

These earrings are sterling silver (925).

View all the possible pieces and combinations of the full Heart of Song collection.

The origin of Heart of Song

The origin of Aamu Design resides in the heart of a song. My choir in Jyväskylä is quite special to me; our conductor is also our composer. Through his music he has given voice to countless children's choirs in Finland. And he carries on the noble work Elias Lönnrot who collected my peoples myths and legends for the first time in written Finnish. Pekka does the same with classic church music, composing the first requiem and Easter oratorio in Finnish.

I wear this piece in rehearsals, and when I perform. It is based on the traditional symbol of our choir. And its creation is dedicated to my history as one of Pekka's singers, and the change it has wrought in my life.