Ilmatar - Risky



"Once a beauteous maiden,
virgin Daughter of the Ether,

Foremost daughter of creation."

"Olipa impi, Ilman tyttö,
kave Luonnotar komea,
vanhin luonnon tyttäristä."

The pieces are free to fly and swing around like Ilmatar herself. The virgin spirit of the Ether was a free spirit that became impregnated by the sea and wind and thus became the mother of Väinämöinen.

Gemstones in the pictures are 8mm dark fuchsia agate.
The earrings are sterling silver (925).

Modular design: The pieces can be opened by screwing the bottom part out of the top. Do remember to reattach the top back on tightly since in this version the screw part is shorter. More small (or large) gemstones that fit this product can be found in the Gemstone Collection.

This piece is a unique piece and only works as a model for a possible future ordered piece and a guideline for the price range. This price range also includes designing of the jewelry.

Please inquire for more information.