Upbeat - Harmony & Freedom

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Upbeat is a dramatic style that departs from the traditional post or hoop earring.

When I searched my memory for the main symbol or inspiration that led to this form, I was left with the impression that there are many elements of Finnish life embedded here.

From the tools of the traditional forester and ice-carver, to the standard national fare, the herring, which we still catch out of the baltic sea. The shape is simple enough to represent all of these at the same time.

The style can be modified by how the precious stone is attached.

Harmony & Freedom

Contrast the solidness of the form with the free movement of your gemstone. It dangles at the end and conforms to the travel of your body. The gemstone is in a tension lock and can be changed by you for the appropriate coloring.

Gemstones in the pictures are 8mm lavender amethyst.
The earrings are sterling silver (925).

Modular design: More small gemstones that fit this product can be found in the Small Gemstones Collection.