Ilmarinen - Modular

€250.00 €300.00

 Named after Ilmarinen, the Eternal Hammerer, blacksmith and inventor in The Kalevala. Its intentional, rough exterior represents the "fingerprints" of the inventor.

This piece is a modular variation of my favourite sand cast pieces (Ilmarinen). I wanted to make this piece since there weren't any solid silver rings available in the local jewelry shops (a classical case of do it all myself). After that I really wanted to create a modular version that could be used to hold different tops. So I designed a small accurate threaded parts that can be attached and detached from the ring base which has .

You can buy these parts of the ring separately or all together.
The options are: ring base (not including tops), the tops for the ring (not including the ring) and the full set (ring and all tops).

The gemstones in the pictures are 8mm, 16mm and cabochon lavender amethyst and agate.
The pieces are sterling silver (925).

Please let me know your ring size in the order info.

Modular design: More large or small gemstones that fit this product can be found in the Gemstone Collection.