Forest Daughter - Tuulikki



"Forest daughter, lovely virgin,
Golden maiden, fair Tulikki,
Second of the Tapio-daughters."

"Metsän tyttö, mielineiti,
Tuulikki, tytär Tapion!"

The wedding tiara I designed with the customer to match her wishes. I'll write couple of blog posts about the process. This forest daughter from Kalevala has a lovely and shiny forged finish on it to create more earthy look. The short swinging chains on the sides of the tiara are modular and can be easily be changed or be taken off. The green agate gemstone was chosen especially to match the Forest Daughter - Tuulikki Ring that was created as a set with the tiara.

Gemstone in the pictures is green agate cabochon.
Ask for the available different stone possibilities.
The tiara is sterling silver (925). It is hand made and has a forged finish.

This piece is a unique piece and only works as a model for a possible future ordered piece and a guideline for the price range.