Tear of Vellamo


"Dear Wellamo, water-hostess,
Ancient mother with the reed-breast,
Come, exchange thy water-raiment,
Change thy coat of reeds and rushes
For the garments I shall give thee"

"Vellamo, ve'en emäntä,
ve'en eukko ruokorinta!
Tules paian muuttelohon,
vaattehen vajehtelohon!"

Wellamo, Mother of  the Water (Vellamo in Finnish) never sheds tears in the Kalevala but the tears would be as perfect and changing as the water itself. The tear holds a small Harmony - Vesica Piscis inside. Freely swinging in its watery cradle, changing color when needed.

The Tear of Vellamo has siblings in the form of earrings and a full set. The water-mother herself is also available in the Mother of Water collection.

Gemstone in the picture is 8mm lavender amethyst.
The pendant is sterling silver (925).

Modular design: More small gemstones that fit this product can be found in the Small Gemstones Collection.