Welcome to the heart of song Posted on 30 Dec 11:11


After sequestering my designs and handcrafted jewelry locally for several years, I have decided to venture out of the Finnish wilderness and into the world. In this shop you can find my best works, and the most popular pieces of those I have produced.

On this blog I will be showcasing interesting ways to use the modular aspects of my jewelry design.

My first showcase piece is the origin. My first work of jewelry, which inspired both my choir and many future works. The Heart of Song. A set of earrings. Or a pendant. Or a brooch. One that provides you a sure pitch to return to on a social night out.

As part of the celebration. To herald the opening of my jewelry to the rest of the world, and to begin the next chapter in Aamu Design, I am offering a sale. Take 15% off any items in my featured collection with the discount code AAMU. I will be adding items slowly over the course of the month, until they sell out.

Thanks for visiting.

To art and beauty,