Wedding tiara design process - Beginning Posted on 27 Mar 00:01

I’m designing a wedding tiara for nature and music loving mother. Naturally my first designs draw some influence from Ancient Nordic, Celtic and Elvish designs with some twist of my own design. Trinity and endless spirals of life with added focal point from a cabochon stone. The final color will be chosen by the mother as it’ll be hers to hold. It will lay on top of the nose flowing near the ears and knotting behind the hair.

It’ll be light and sturdy (with a forged / hammered texture) but prominent. Different lengths of chains hanging from the sides will create movement and Elvish feel to the tiara. The simpler design will also allow a more prominent forged feel to the piece and structural integrity since the piece will not have a frame that filigree pieces usually have.

I’m still in the process of creating the design and so is the name of the piece still covered in mist. Some of the design ideas are usable in both ways upright and upside down though the nature of the piece will change.

First thoughts when I started to think about the design was to do really complex weave of silver threads but since the hanging chains were a request from the customer I wanted to create something simpler which wouldn't fight the smaller chain details and would still keep true to the original idea.

Still haven’t drawn the side view and back view of the tiara since I’m still playing with the height and positioning of the piece. It’s also somewhat dependent on the wearer of the tiara so I’ll keep her in the design process. Next step is to choose the main design front and continue designing the whole piece.

Letting time flow

Designing this piece has been a long process since it’s been maturing in the back of my mind for almost half a year. Of course the actual drawing of the design is pretty fast and forward but I always take my time with the designs. I’ll let my unconscious mind do some thinking and combining different elements until some day the design is clear in my mind. This way I can think different outcomes and styles for a longer time.

The Meditating Way is only one of my designing styles. I’ll talk about them in detail another time (or when someone requests)